Jailhouse Taps

Located in Lead, South Dakota, this 1912 jailhouse turned brewery, serves the finest craft Belgian beers in all of South Dakota! Stop by for a round of darts and smooth, hand-crafted beers!


Our Beers

Brewing Philosophy

We use the highest quality Belgian malts.

We start with pure water obtained through reverse osmosis and then add appropriate amounts of tap water and salts to obtain a water profile specific to the style of beer being brewed – each of our beers requires a different water profile.

We use the highest quality hops appropriate to the beer style and adjust the amount used based on the alpha acid content to maintain batch-to-batch consistency.  In a departure from tradition, a few of our beers are “dry hopped”.  That is, additional hops are added to the wort during fermentation.  Dry hopping imparts additional flavor to the beer without increasing bitterness.

We rely on carefully selected Belgian yeast strains for primary fermentation of most of our beers.  These strains achieves exceptionally high attenuation of the sugars present in the wort, yielding beers that are smooth, yet with a high alcohol content.

Our Beers

Blond Alibi

Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Taditional Belgian style Strong Golden Ale. High alcohol, dry hopped for additional aroma and flavor.  Crisp, dry, and sneaky.

ABV – 10-11%
IBU – 26

Pliny's Pruno

Not a traditional Belgian style. A cross between a Belgian Grisette and an IPA.

Brewed with the same yeast as our Saison, this light beer has an understated bitterness from the large amounts of hops used during the boil, and wonderful flavors and aromas derived from multiple hop additions during fermentation.

ABV – 4.5%
IBU – 100

Third Strike

Belgian Tripel

Traditional Belgian style Tripel. Dry hopped for additional aroma and flavor.

ABV – 7.8%
IBU – 24

Sheriff's Saison

Belgian Saison

Traditional Belgian-style Saison with ginger. Fermented with a relatively “tame” Saison yeast, and therefore less “funky” than most Saisons.

ABV – 8.4%
IBU – 24

Snitch's Reward

Biere de Garde, literally “Beer for Keeping”. Traditionally brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France (along the border of Belgium).

An homage to those who “snitched” out our homebrew operation. Snitch’s Reward is a red ale with residual caramel sweetness.

ABV – 7.4%
IBU – 30

Dungeon Drunkard

Belgian Dubbel

Classic Trappist style dark ale. Heavy body, sweet, chocolate flavors.  Very drinkable.

ABV – 8.8%
IBU – 24

We also serve: Bottled water (free), soda, White Claw, Coors Lite, Coors Edge, and a fine selection of wines from With the Wind Winery.

Guests staying at Town Hall Inn receive one free beer ticket per adult.

The Brewery

Jailhouse Taps is located in the basement jailhouse of a former town hall, now Town Hall Inn.



Every Friday 6pm-8pm

$3 beer for participants. 
Join us every Friday for Trivia night October – April.


Every Wednesday 3pm-5pm

$3 beer for participants.
Join us every Wednesday for Bingo October – April.